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About Flu Resource Center

About Flu Resource Center

Comprehensive Flu Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Welcome to the Insource Flu Resource Center, where you'll find ways to be prepared for flu season, including important information and the tools and supplies to prevent, diagnose, and treat the contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Order your flu vaccine today! Contact your Insource Representative at 1-800-366-3829.

Flu Prevention

PREVENT flu outbreaks and protect patients and personnel with a combination of influenza vaccination and infection control practices.

Flu Diagnose

DIAGNOSE your patients quickly and accurately to identify whether they're suffering from flu or a separate flu-like illness, which requires a different treatment plan.

Flu Treatment

TREAT influenza and its symptoms with the right antivirals – prescription drugs that when taken early enough, can lessen the severity of the flu or prophylactically prevent it.

The Latest Flu Information and News

Insource is dedicated to bringing you the latest Seasonal Influenza information. Come back regularly to view the latest breaking news, recommendations and other important topics.